Saturday, 16 January 2016

2. Religion is no arbitrary invention

“It is utterly vain for some men to say that religion was invented by the subtlety and craft of a few to hold the simple folk in thrall by this device”

Today many believe in science but are they held captive by a science that bears little if any resemblance to that practised by most scientists.  So science achieves a God like status.

The defence such people put forward is that as with Caius Caligula (cited by Calvin) they tremble at the sight of God at work in the world. A reference to this is found in the scriptures “the sound of a driven leaf shall put them to flight” Leviticus 26:36. The harder they try to flee from God the closer God is on their trail: “they seek out every subterfuge to hide themselves from the Lord’s presence.”

In our world today it is not just science that is used to hide from God’s presence; the world of media and communications is alive with the problem too.  Notice any reference to the Almighty is edited out of TV footage.  Our monarch of the UK and Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth II is probably the only one to whom this does not apply.  She fearlessly proclaims her faith in Jesus Christ. Would Calvin have been prepared to address the Institutes to her?

Who do you think is hiding themselves from the Lord’s presence?